Environmental policy

We at FatAzz are constantly working on environmental issues, both small and large, where we place the greatest focus on the manufacturing process, transport and the use and sustainability of the products.

We start with the manufacturing process. We visit most of the factories to get a holistic feeling. It is important to familiarize yourself with working conditions and their internal processes on the spot. Product manager at FatAzz sets requirements and reviews certificates that show that the choice of material is carefully chosen based on an environment and quality thinking.

When it comes to transports, we order well in advance to plan the transports both to and from us. With planning, we can carefully choose the least environmentally impactful means of transport, and we work for joint deliveries. As proof of this, you can soon see our newly developed delivery method directly to the companies, where we save lots of transport.

When it comes to the use and sustainability of the products, we believe that this is what affects the environment the most. Our products are marked with “Quality fun”, which means that the product is of high quality and fun to use. We want our products to be used and create joy. A product that goes directly into the dustbin has a direct environmental impact.

Think environment, provide quality, have fun….
We at FatAzz provide Quality fun