With its foldable and lightweight design, RAIDER TO GO is easy to bring anywhere. This kickbike takes you about 10 km in one charge. RAIDER TO GO is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, a USB charging socket, headlamps and a bell. A bag for easy packing is included.

Electric, my friend.

Small ride. Big fun.

Small ride. Big fun.

We have the cure that alleviates your kickbike anxiety. FatAzz Rider To Go is a portable and collapsible kick bike that can be stored in the backpack. Through a couple of simple moves, the kick bike can be folded to a vanishingly small size. Optimal to take on the train, in the boat or during the holidays. FatAzz Rider To Go may be a small and collapsible kickbike, but is still terribly stable when you roll on it.

But it does not end there. Do not ask us how it can fit, but FatAzz Rider To Go also offers built-in speakers, phone charging, horn and lots of other great features!

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